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Protecting Our Environment

We are leaders in environmental sustainability. We know that doing our part to protect the environment is good for our business and the planet. One of the most significant ways beverage companies are leading on the environment is by designing our bottles and cans so they can be fully recycled.


Particularly, the beverage industry makes plastic bottles that are 100% recyclable, even the caps. Our bottles and cans can be reused over and over and made into new bottles, cans and other products.  Our plastic beverage bottles are unique. They can be remade into new bottles but also into clothing, carpeting, even dog beds. We design them specifically so we can use less plastic. We’ve even light-weighted our bottles to use less material.


To get these bottles back for reuse, we have invested significantly in our nation’s recycling systems, helping communities across the country so our fully recyclable containers don’t end up in oceans, rivers or beaches.

Iowa’s beverage companies are also working to reuse or recycle all waste coming from their production facilities. Today, the beverage industry is diverting from landfills more than 94% of the waste generated at their manufacturing and production facilities. These efforts have saved hundreds of millions of pounds of raw materials.


Our commitment to sustainability also extends to other resources like water. America’s non-alcoholic beverage industry has reduced water use by 14 percent per unit over a five-year period. The Coca-Cola Company is the first Fortune 500 company to replenish all the water it uses globally. PepsiCo recently exceeded its global water stewardship goals and reduced operational water use by 26 percent. Keurig Dr Pepper has committed $1 million to The Nature Conservancy in support of watershed protection. These efforts are helping preserve one of our most precious resources in water.

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